CSE Caps

This blog post will discuss the narrow implications of the UCSD system for joining the CS major. I'll look to write another post on the broader »

Pre inauguration thoughts

This isn't a complete blog posting so much as a dump of various thoughts I've had, mostly regarding Trump and the state of US politics. Sometimes »

The GOP is justifying cynicism

The GOP is certainly justifying cynicism. I had a conversation with some colleagues earlier today. I expressed surprise that the GOP 'elites' had stuck with Trump »

Rush to the exits

Today we saw the GOP rush to the exits. Although in latest polling 80-90% of GOP voters are supporting Trump, the leadership is running for the »

Debate thoughts

No grand statements here: just a belated return to this blog after a couple months of work. If you're reading this, you think Clinton won the »

What makes a city?

Perhaps this is part 2 of my feelings on Seattle. Perhaps it isn't. It's a bit different in tone though, so I've kept in separate. I've »